The Power of a Coach

By Laureus Sport for Good USA

Globe staff | November 3, 2016

Behind every Boston legend, from Tom Brady to David Ortiz, there is a coach that pushed them to be their best. A coach plays an influential role in the success of an athlete by helping them develop confidence and pursue their goals.

As a sponsor of The Globies and an advocate of the power of sport, Mercedes-Benz USA is harnessing the positive influence of a coach to maximize youth potential. They have partnered with Laureus Sport for Good USA to provide youth sport coaches the training they need to become role models. Laureus USA invests in coaches through Up2Us Sports, who hire and train the nation’s best coaches to transform the lives of vulnerable youth. Up2Us Sports training equips these coaches with the skills to mentor and inspire the children that they engage with.

Coach Roman is one of these truly impactful coaches, working on the ground to motivate Boston kids to be their best. After attending an Up2Us Sports Coach Training Institute in Boston, Coach Roman was able to take his passion for coaching to the next level. He discovered that being a great coach wasn’t about knowing every technique or play; it was about building relationships. Roman learned to be considerate of unseen problems a child might be having at home or school. He also realized that being a great coach meant treating kids as equals, and would require the use of strategies to grab their attention without yelling or ordering them around.

Now, Coach Roman works at America SCORES Boston, an after-school program that intertwines soccer, poetry and education. Roman finds his work extremely rewarding, and says there is no better feeling than “seeing smiles on the faces of these kids as they are genuinely enjoying themselves.” As one of the fastest-growing after-school programs in Boston, America SCORES develops smart, active kids that are confident members of their communities. Its programming is available to all local youth, regardless of their ability to pay.

Each week, America SCORES gives its youth participants the opportunity to learn about nutrition, write poetry and complete service learning projects. If they successfully complete those tasks, they also get to practice with their soccer team and compete in soccer games each weekend. Coach Roman uses soccer as a tool to help reinforce the other educational components of the program. He explains, “sport is a metaphor for life, and winning a goal on the field teaches you to set and succeed goals.”

In Boston and beyond, Mercedes-Benz USA is proud to support coaches that are driving social change in their own communities. Together, with their partners Laureus Sport for Good and Up2Us Sports, they will continue to inspire youth success on and off of the field.

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